Why was my payment declined?

Unfortunately, credit card companies don't tell us why your payment was declined. They just tell us that they won't authorize your purchase. Most of the time, the issue is simply a typo. Other times, your card issuer may want you to call them to make sure that it's an authorized charged. Or, it's simply that there are insufficient funds available.

Here's what we recommend:

First, check that the following fields were entered correctly:

  • Card Number
    • Make sure you only enter numbers; no dashes or spaces.
  • Expiration
  • CVV
    • Your Card Verification Value is a 3 or 4-digit code embossed or imprinted on the reverse side of Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards and on the front of American Express cards. Please note: The CVV is NOT the last 3 or 4 digits of your credit card number.

  • Billing Zip
    • Be sure that you are entering the zip code associated with the credit card that you are using. This is not always the same as your home address. It may be a PO Box or business address.

Second, we recommended that you check your account to verify there are sufficient funds available on your credit or debit card.

And finally, if you still can't complete your purchase after multiple attempts, please try a different card or call the phone number on your credit card to determine why your payment isn't being processed.

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