I can't print my voucher? What should I do?

In most cases it's not required to print your voucher. In fact, in most cases it's not even necessary to contact the provider to redeem your voucher. After you purchase your deal online, the provider will call you within two weeks or less to schedule service.

But, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact the provider by calling the number included on your voucher. 

If it is required that you print your voucher and you don't have access to a printer, save the voucher to your phone and show it to the provider for verification.

Alternatively, email love@dimby.com and request that we email your voucher directly to you so that you can show the provider on your phone or other device.

If all else fails, the provider will have a record of your purchase after the deal ends. Simply provide your name and ID so they can verify your purchase.

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  • I am going to trust that I will not need the actual printed voucher, per the above.

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