How to add DIMBY to your address book

To ensure that deals and vouchers are delivered directly to your inbox (instead of your junk mail or spam folder) please add as a contact in your address book.

And to ensure that our support replies are delivered directly to your inbox please add to your contacts as well.

Option 1: Download Our vCard
To automatically import our contact information to your address book, download our vCard.

Option 2: Manually Add Our Contact Information
Step-by-step instructions for popular email providers are below. If you can't find steps for your particular provider, please email us at


  1. Go to Google Contacts
  2. In the top-left corner, click the Create contact button
  3. Type DIMBY (where it asks for a first name)
  4. Type (where it asks for an email)
  5. Click Save 


  1. Go to iCloud Contacts
  2. Click the + button (located near the bottom of the screen in the sidebar)
  3. Choose New Contact
  4. Type DIMBY in the 'First' field
  5. Type in the Email field
  6. Click Done

Outlook (formerly Hotmail)

  1. Go to Outlook People
  2. Click the New contact button
  3. Type DIMBY (where it asks for a first name)
  4. Type (where it asks for an email address)
  5. Click Create

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Go to Yahoo! Contacts
  2. Click New Contact
  3. In the 'First Name' field, type DIMBY
  4. In t he 'Email field, type
  5. Click Save


Option 3: If you have an email from DIMBY
If you have an email from DIMBY, you can simply select to add DIMBY as a contact. Steps for Gmail and a screenshot are provided below. Other email providers have similar options.


  1. Open your email from DIMBY
  2. Expand the options menu by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right hand corner of the email
  3. Select "Add DIMBY to Contacts list"


Screenshot of an email from DIMBY in a Gmail inbox




Domain-Level WhitelistingIf your email provider gives you the option of adding an entire domain of email addresses, like, instead of just a single email address, please add '*' or just '' so that email sent from any email address ending with is sent directly to your inbox.

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